The Earlier, The Better

Oftentimes, people will tell me how their child doesn’t like or enjoy reading. I always respond with, “They just haven’t found the right book yet!” As much as I really do believe this, I know that it is not that simple. Now I am not by any means an expert, but through my experiences as an Early Childcare Center Consultant, as well as rearing children of my own, I have noticed that the earlier you start reading with your child, the more you increase his/her chances of not only enjoying it, but being very good at reading by Kindergarten. Starting as early as birth (or prior to; I believe they are absorbing information even in utero) establishes a great foundation. Besides, reading is fundamentally necessary in every aspect of learning. The Journal of Child Development states that,”…having strong reading skills as a child is a strong predictor for higher intelligence levels as a young adult.”

Reading with your child on a daily basis is so valuable. In that process, you are exposing them to various sounds, information and language, and also facilitating growth in their imagination. Books with vibrant pictures along with the humorous sound effects I’m sure you’ll add, will most likely get your child eagerly looking forward to reading time. The added bonus is that you are creating moments and a bond that will forever be embedded in his/her memory.

If once a day is not possible (because everyone’s family dynamics/schedule is different), don’t beat yourself up about it. Start off once or twice a week, and gradually increase as time permits. Soon enough, you’ll find reading part of your daily routine. Happy Reading!

Here’s to Imagination and Beyond,

Soleil, mother of Mari Lou



3 thoughts on “The Earlier, The Better

  1. I’m super proud of you Soleil!! I’m sure Mari Lou will be a success. I’m excited to share her experiences with my children.


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