By the title of this post, I know you’re probably assuming that I hate parties right? It’s quite the opposite. I actually really enjoy going to and even hosting parties. Some even call me the party queen! Ok, I may be reaching just a tad bit. HOWEVER…since I’ve jumpstarted and actively lead this healthy eating brigade (apparently, in my household I seem to be the only consistently active member, but I digress), it’s getting increasingly difficult not to roll my eyes in annoyance when I glance at available drinks at a party, specifically kids parties, and the beverage of choice is mostly soda. Probably because I know, without a shadow of doubt, Mari Lou, Cassandre, and Samson will have a field day indulging in these sugary drinks since they do not have access to them at all at home.

For example, the other day, we went to a party and the three of them waited until I got distracted talking to another parent, made certain that they were far enough in order to pretend that they couldn’t hear me if I called them, and they all instantly popped open a can of soda. They closed their eyes as they gulped the sugary liquid gold (as Samson calls it), and you could tell that they felt like they’d reach heaven. Most parents may not see anything wrong with it and think, “Its a party, its occasional, no big deal, let them live a little.” I’m by no means faulting nor judging these parents at all. Its just that my perception is different. From my vantage point, all I see is my children pouring about 20 packets of sugar into their small bodies! That may sound exaggerated but it’s true.

The folks at Caffeine Informer  created a list of the sugar content in sodas and energy drinks and the numbers were shocking. They stated,

“In a number of cases the level of sugar is outrageous and provides ample evidence as to why soft drinks play such a crucial role in addressing obesity. Some drinks and juices have as much sugar as several Snickers candy bars and are definitely contributing to the obesity and type 2 diabetes crisis the western world is experiencing.” (

I try so hard not to get so extreme when it comes to incorporating healthy eating within my household, but with stats such as these, it’s very hard to look the other way. Being informed is liberating, but it also places responsibility on you to take the right course of action. Ugh…ignorance truly is bliss. Well sorta.

Some days, everyone is on board and we’re happy, and then there are other days, where everyone has had enough and they start complaining with statements like, “So and so’s family doesn’t eat healthy at all and they seem perfectly fine to me!” and just like that, we’ve been dragged back to square one; the cycle of reprogramming the family unit begins again, and that can be quite exhausting.

What are your thoughts? Am I overthinking/overdoing it or am I right on track?

With Warm Regards,



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