Black Child Development Institute-Miami

For more than 40 years, the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) has been at the forefront of engaging leaders, policymakers, professionals, and parents around critical and timely issues that directly impact Black children and their families. They are a trusted partner in delivering culturally relevant resources that respond to the unique strengths and needs of Black children around issues including early childhood education, health, child welfare, literacy, and family engagement. With the support of their Affiliate network in communities across the country, they are committed to their mission “to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and their families through education and advocacy.”

In that same spirit, The Adventures of Mari Lou, Inc. is pleased to partner with BCDI-Miami in an effort to promote early childhood education, health, child welfare, literacy, and family engagement in communities throughout Miami. With every sale made through the link below, a percentage will benefit BCDI-Miami.

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